Where to Find the Best Vendor of False Mink Strip Eyelashes from China

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There is so many vendors of false eyelashes in Qingdao, China. And the false eyelashes also 70% are produce in Qingdao, China.

I am just in here, so I know all of the false eyelashes vendors here.

Now I will introduce the false eyelashes vendors status and the best vendors.

Hope that could help you to begin your false eyelashes business.

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Suppliers Status

Suppers from Alibaba

Here are too many commercial companies to sell false eyelashes from 2017. And there are so many companies to sell them through Alibaba. 

As we know Alibaba is the most popular B2B platform. But now if who wants to get the order, they just need to pay more money to Alibaba. Who pays more, who is the best. So that if you just want to select your suppliers from Alibaba, you will have a mistake.

New trading companies

Another status is the suppliers of false eyelashes just one person or two-person, they also no have an office. They just need to open a store on Alibaba or another B2B platform, they could sell false eyelashes to everyone who needs false eyelashes.  They can’t supply strong service and cann’t supply high-quality products. Their unique advantage is lower-price.

Some other suppliers maybe just selling false eyelashes now, they may be selling mechanical equipment, clothing, electronics, etc. They don’t know how to produce false eyelashes and also don’t know how to see the quality of false eyelashes.

New factories

Besides the commercial companies, there are so many new factories too. They have some employees, but their production technology is very very bad. So they also can’t supply high-quality false eyelashes. But they will supply the bad-quality false eyelashes to new commercial companies or sell the bad-quality products by themselves.

High-quality suppliers

There are also many high-quality suppliers who could supply high-quality products and professional service.

They are factories or trade companies, but even if trade company they also supply high-quality false eyelashes and professional service.

Almost of the high-quality factories maybe can’t supply professional service because their employee almost can’t know English. And they also can’t know the international trade process, so they also can’t supply professional service. There are also some factories that could supply high-quality false eyelashes and professional service. So the factories who could supply high-quality products and professional service are your best selection fro your false eyelashes bussiness.

Some trade companies could supply high-quality false eyelashes and also could supply professional service. They know the almost good factories and could get the highest-quality false eyelashes. And they know the international trade process. So the professional trade companies also are your best selection for your false eyelashes business.

How to choose your best suppliers

Before starting your false eyelashes business, you need to get that how to choose the best suppliers. Now I list the standard of the best suppliers:

Quality of products

The most important is the products quality. How to check the quality of false eyelashes, pls check here to see the content.

Production capacity

The whole production of false eyelashes needs at least one week if you need within 1000 pairs. And the package production needs at least two weeks. When you order more, the production capacity will be important. The best vendors will be finished within one to two months when your order more than 400k pairs.

Design Ability of Packaging

The best vendors of false eyelashes will supply one-stop service, including the false eyelashes packaging. They will supply a good idea of the packaging to you. And they also will supply high-quality packaging for you.

Design Ability of Eyelashes

The best vendors of false eyelashes also design some new styles of false eyelashes every month or every year. The new styles of false eyelashes will be good for your business. So the design capability of false eyelashes is one of the standards of best vendors.

Note: every style is different from different suppliers.

The best vendors of false eyelashes

As we know the popular brands such as Lilly Lashes, Baddie B Lashes, Kiss Lashes, Ardell Lashes, their vendors all are the best vendors. Pls check the below list:

Baddie B lashes’ vendor: Tf Lashes

Ardell Lashes’s Vendor: Mainly Lashes

Kiss Lashes’s Vendor: Lashfly