Where to find the vendor of Baddie B Lashes #SAUCY

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Baddie B Lashes #SAUCY on their website

This is the mink lashes. It’s baddie b lashes’ top seller. It’s a wispy lash with varying lengths.

FEATURES: 3D mink hair, Flexible Band, Reusable Lash

Length: Up to 1.8 cm

Band Length: 3.3 cm

baddie b lashes vendor

The effect of Baddie B Lashes #SAUCY

The review of Baddie B Lashes #SAUCYB

baddie b lashes vendor

The Comparison of Baddie B #SAUCY and Lilly Lashes Miami

Baddie B Lashes #SAUCY and Lilly Lashes Miami are similar lashes styles, but they are not the same.

Baddie B Lashes #SAUCY has more space between the column and column than Lilly Lashes Miami.

Where to buy directly Baddie B Lashes #SAUCY from the eyelashes factory

baddie b lashes vendor